A Financial Fad or the Future of Money?

So, what is cryptocurrency?

Well-known cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Dogecoin and Ethereum. And, they have become nearly impossible for even the biggest skeptics to ignore and that’s especially the case for investors.

Even for individuals who today swear up and down that they will never touch cryptoassets, it still requires being educated on the subject.

Jeff Powell, Jeremy Witbeck and Brett Miller discuss what cryptocurrencies are, why they are popular (especially in the news these days) and whether or not they serve as a viable investment option that could fit into an investment portfolio.

Jeff Powell | CIO, Managing Partner
Jeff Powell | CIO, Managing Partner
Jeremy Witbeck | Partner
Jeremy Witbeck | Partner
Brett Miller | CFP<sup>®</sup>, Financial Analyst
Brett Miller | CFP®, Financial Analyst

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