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Mario Ramos, CEO at Adviser

Tax Season Kicks Off

Last week marked the official start of tax season! Although tax year 2022 is behind us, there are some savvy actions you can take today to reduce your tax burden. For instance, we recommend making every effort to max out contributions to your retirement accounts. The cutoff for 401(k) contributions was Dec. 31, but you have a few extra months to fund IRAs and HSAs—up until the tax filing deadline in April.  

These contributions lower your taxable income, so talk with your wealth adviser to ensure you are getting the most from tax-advantaged accounts and to decide whether a Roth or a traditional IRA makes more sense given your income level.

Tax season also means that the Polaris tax team is hard at work. Did you know we recently expanded our tax services? From creating a customized tax strategy to preparing and filing returns, our tax team can make that April deadline easier and help improve your financial position throughout the year. (There may be a fee for the service depending on your tax profile and account size.) If you think you could benefit from our expertise, schedule a tax consultation today.

Q&A: Meet Mario

Mario Ramos, Chief Executive Officer

In last month’s inaugural Polaris Updates newsletter, you heard from Adviser CEO Mario Ramos. We thought you’d also like to hear about Mario. 

You’ve had a 20-plus-year career in financial services. What led you to Adviser?

I spent 20 years of my career in financial services as a banker, primarily at JP Morgan. I have also held operating roles at Edelman Financial Engines, as chief financial officer, and at CVS, overseeing the acquisition and integration of Aetna. Throughout my career, one thing has remained constant: Prioritizing the needs of clients. 

How do you describe your leadership style?

Everything we do is about clients and the people who serve them. My leadership style and the culture we are trying to build is based on “servant leadership,” which is designed to focus on serving the great people at our company who deliver for clients every day. Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank of Home Depot called it the inverted pyramid. 

Why did you choose Adviser?

I saw a unique combination of strengths and opportunities here. Everyone believes in our mission to offer the absolute best service to our clients. Plus, it’s an exciting time to be here. We are looking to grow, and I wanted to be a part of that. 

What do you like to do outside of work?

My family and I are big sports fans. I try to attend the World Cup every four years and relive a bit of my youth—I played Division I soccer in college and was part of the U.S. National Under-18 Team. I’m also a New England Patriots season ticket holder and I play golf when I have a chance.


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Looking Ahead

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