Beta – Using a Synthetic Cash Alternative To Play Defense

Beta – Using a Synthetic Cash Alternative To Play Defense Gritting your teeth and hanging on to your stocks through the worst declines of a bear market isn’t for everyone, but Wall Street’s standard approach to reducing downside pain for equity investors is flawed. There’s a better way to play

Are We In A Recession Yet?

Are We In A Recession Yet? Today, the economy is in a fragile state with ongoing supply chain constraints that have, in part, fueled skyrocketing inflation,which has subsequently hiked up the cost of living, affecting other economic forces such as housing and the job market.  And,  the economy has been

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About the Economy….

About the Economy Main Street and Wall Street are often at a distance when it comes to the state of the economy. However, swings in the stock market have become amplified lately, and a barrage of divisive economic signals, combined with plummeting technology stocks, led financial markets to close April at

Q1 2022 Market Update

Q1 2022 Market Update First quarter of 2022 started off with one of the worst starts to a quarter in the S&P 500’s history. Jeff Powell | CIO, Managing Partner Tweet Download Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on email The S&P only had five positive

What is the CalSavers law?

What is the CalSavers law? In theory, yes CalSavers is a good thing. This new law is meant to provide employees a convenient way to save for retirement. As with any government run program, there are good things and areas for CalSavers to improve. Adrian Jones | Senior Director Tweet

Q2 2021 Institutional Strategy Review

Q2 2021 Institutional Strategy Review: We expect to see a continued “tug-of-war” for leadership between growth companies to value companies. We still favor Value over Growth and believe it will outperform over the long-term. We expect inflation to be transitory, as the world economy gets back on track and the

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“What’s Your 20?”

As we move forward into 2021, we believe we are on the precipice of monumental change. For years, the average stock in the S&P 500 has done little, while the largest stocks in the indices have driven returns. A significant rotation is taking place, as we’ve recently begun to see

Good Retirement Plan Hygiene

Tips for Good Retirement Plan Hygiene Offering a company retirement plan is not a “set it and forget it” benefit – it requires ongoing attention. Adrian Jones | Senior Director Tweet We are often asked what companies should do to make sure their retirement plan is in good shape. Too


Steps to Improve Employee Saving

One of our beliefs at Polaris Wealth Advisory Group is that corporations should strive to create safe and rewarding working environments that inspire employees to thrive, soar, and generally be happy in their jobs. In addition to creating happy employees, we also believe that employers should care about making happy

Winning the Game – Part 2

Last month we launched our inaugural Institutional Perspectives piece, entitled “Winning the Game”. Since publication, there have been some timely updates made to the research cited, impacting a number of the key points presented in the article, while also making us look rather prescient in our views and in our


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