What You Should Know About Tapering

What you should know about Tapering The past eighteen months have been anything but normal. We do have a few historical mile markers to work from but for the most part we are in uncharted waters. This means we are reliant on good Old-Fashioned clinical portfolio management. Jeff Powell |

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Should You Be Worried About Inflation?

Should you be worried about Inflation Investing with complete certainty in markets where no such assurances can be given is simply arrogant. We have conviction in our beliefs that our current inflation figures are transitory, but we are taking a “wait and see” stance. Jeff Powell | CIO, Managing Partner

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Q2 2021 Market Recap

Q2 2021 Market Recap Things are starting to look very promising for our economy to fully open and for companies and investors to take advantage of the stimulus programs set before them. We constantly tell you that, “Bull markets climb a wall of worry.” That is what is going on

Market Seasonality – Truth or Myth???

Market Seasonality Truth or Myth??? Investors often look for an easy way to explain a situation, or they are looking for an easier way to invest their portfolio… Jeff Powell | CIO, Managing Partner Tweet Download Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on email There are

S&P 500 Stalls in May

The S&P Stalls in May Typically, a flat market would not be something I’d write about, but given the amount of stimulus infused into our economy, the record earnings just reported, and the number of Americans who have received their vaccines, I would think investors would be buying into this

Q1 2021 Market Recap

Market Recap Quarter 1: The last worldwide pandemic we had began in 1918 and lasted until 1919. What happened after this pandemic? That’s right, the “Roaring 20s!” There is a lot of pent up demand that is not being actualized due to COVID. What do you think happens once the

What Has Your Advisor Done For You?

What has Your Advisor Done FOR YOU? Anyone can manage money when the markets are going straight up. Tactical investment management really stands out when markets are challenging. Jeff Powell | Managing Partner, CIO Tweet The last twelve months have forever changed how all of us will live our lives.

The Value Tide is Rising

The Value Tide is RISING We have emphatically stated that the companies that lead the market out of the COVID recession will not be the companies to take the markets to new highs. And thus far, we’ve been spot-on. Jeff Powell | Managing Partner, CIO Tweet 2020’s stock market performance

Investing in the Wild, Wild West

Investing in the Wild, Wild West If there are no consequences to social media making up their own rules, colluding, and manipulating stock prices for smaller companies, then the integrity of the market could come into question. Jeff Powell | Managing Partner, CIO Tweet Most investors had never heard of

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Once in a Lifetime

Once in a Lifetime The Polaris Wealth investment team is excited for 2021. We think that it is going to be a “stock picker’s” market. There are a lot of landmines out there that will hurt the inexperienced investor or the professional that is unwilling to decouple from their technology