Week in Review – Markets Move On From Midterm Morass

This Week in Review: Markets Move On From Midterm Morass A bitcoin bloodbath and yet-to-be-determined majorities on Capitol Hill stalled a three-day rally on Wall Street this week. But a positive (lower) inflation reading on Thursday put some wind back in the markets’ sails—the S&P 500 closed up over 5.5%

Week in Review – Powell Pivots, Hopes Dashed

This Week in Review: Powell Pivots, Hopes Dashed Traders wishing for a white flag from the Federal Reserve had their hopes dashed this week. On Wednesday, he central bank raised the benchmark fed funds rate by 75 basis points into the 3.75%–4.00% range—its highest level since January 2008, and the

Q3 2022 Recap / Remaining 2022 Outlook

Coming into 2022, equity valuations were extended by historical standards. They are now below long-term averages and represent a tremendous value to long-term investors. The velocity of the moves in this market have been very dangerous. Avoid attempts at market timing, aggressively going to cash, and chasing returns. Keep your

Week in Review – Tech Slump Chokes Rally

This Week in Review: Tech Slump Chokes Rally On Oct. 12, the S&P 500 closed 25.4% below its Jan. 3, 2022, record high. Since then, the index had rallied about 7%. Could be the end of the bear—or it could be just another head fake. Jeremy Witbeck | www.polariswealth.com THIS

Polaris Q3 Market Update: It is Different this Time

Polaris Q3 Market Update: It is Different this Time A confluence of factors have negatively impacted capital market returns in 2022, the likes of which, in concert, investors have never experienced. From an ongoing war between Russia and the Ukraine, to the highest inflation rates we’ve seen in the U.S.

Week in Review – Earnings Impress Early, But Fed Hikes Weigh On Markets

This Week in Review: Earnings Impress Early, But Fed Hikes Weigh On Markets This week followed a familiar bear market pattern of big up days followed by smaller losses as the S&P 500 rose a whopping 4.3% over Monday and Tuesday before taking a breather on Wednesday and Thursday. Jeremy

Unions Are Back. Will They Hurt Stocks?

Unions Are Back. Will They Hurt Stocks? Inflation is a thorn in the side of global markets, and the pain has persisted for far longer than most economists had anticipated.Are we seeing a paradigm shift in the g lobal economy? The answer depends on whether we see persistent upward pressure

October Begins With a Bounce Back

This Week in Review: October Begins with a Bounce Back Welcome to The Week in Review. We have created this new email update to share our take on what moved the markets this week, the economic indicators we’re watching and how what we’re seeing impacts our strategies. We hope you

Q2 2022 Market Update

Q2 2022 Market Update As we’ve written about and discussed in our webinars, the returns in the markets are more than twice as great when the market is recovering than when risk is lower, and the markets are making new highs. Polaris Wealth Advisory Group Tweet Download There is no

Not the Time to Go to Cash

This Is Not the Time to Go to Cash Fear can be a good thing. In primitive times it kept you from being eaten alive. While much of that same DNA courses through our bodies today, our “fight or flight” reactions can often lead to catastrophic financial results. I have