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Rate Hikes & Inflation

Rate Hikes & Inflation – When Were We Here Last? The bottom of a market is never easy to identify but one thing we know stands the test of time is that long-term returns are not strongest by timing the market, but by spending time in the market. Brett Miller,

Russia Invades Ukraine

Russia invades UKRAINE The biggest mistake that an investor could make is to make extreme decisions during these uncertain times. Jeff Powell | Managing Partner, CIO Tweet Download Share on facebook Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on email The Russian invasion of Ukraine began with a fizzle, with

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Crypto, NFTs and the Metaverse – Making Sense of a Digital World

Crypto, NFTs and the Metaverse– Making Sense of a Digital World Financial media outlets, with increased frequency, are showcasing three new common characters: Cryptocurrency, NFTs, and, more recently, the Metaverse. Who are these mysterious economic game changers and what does it all mean for your investments? Brett Miller, CFA, CFP

2021 In Review

2021 In Review We are dealing with completely unchartered waters. No one… And I mean no one who is alive today has ever managed money through a worldwide pandemic. 2022 is set up to be a successful year, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see it be a bit more

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The Fed Begins Tapering

The Fed Begins Tapering The Fed’s announcement ushers in the start of a new era of investing. It is going to require heightened awareness of the impact that tapering will have on the investment market. Jeff Powell | CIO, Managing Partner Tweet Download Share on facebook Share on twitter Share

Third Quarter 2021 In Review

Third Quarter 2021 In Review We have said this before, and we’ll say it again… “Bull markets climb a wall of worry.” There are plenty of things to be concerned about, but how many of them really have a direct negative impact on the stock market? Jeff Powell | CIO,

Putting the Markets in Perspective

Putting the Markets in Perspective My biggest concern is that sentiment might turn from being bullish to bearish. As we saw in 2018, irrational behavior can still negatively impact the stock market, even if there is nothing fundamentally wrong with the economy or the markets. Jeff Powell | CIO, Managing

What You Should Know About Tapering

What you should know about Tapering The past eighteen months have been anything but normal. We do have a few historical mile markers to work from but for the most part we are in uncharted waters. This means we are reliant on good Old-Fashioned clinical portfolio management. Jeff Powell |

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Should You Be Worried About Inflation?

Should you be worried about Inflation Investing with complete certainty in markets where no such assurances can be given is simply arrogant. We have conviction in our beliefs that our current inflation figures are transitory, but we are taking a “wait and see” stance. Jeff Powell | CIO, Managing Partner

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Q2 2021 Market Recap

Q2 2021 Market Recap Things are starting to look very promising for our economy to fully open and for companies and investors to take advantage of the stimulus programs set before them. We constantly tell you that, “Bull markets climb a wall of worry.” That is what is going on